The questions you are about to answer will greatly assist us in creating the kitchen of your dreams!

1.Number of family members:
2.Number and approximate ages of family members:
__Infants__Young children
__Teens__20 to 30 yrs
__31 to 40 yrs__41 to 50 yrs
__51 to 60 yrs__61 to 70 yrs
3.If your family has young children, will they be using the kitchen frequently?
__ Yes __ No
4.How long do you plan on living in the home you are remodeling/building?
__ 1 to 5 yrs __ 6 to 10 yrs
__ 11 to 20 yrs __ 20+
5.Where does your family eat its meals?
__ Kitchen __ Dining Room
__ Other:________________
6.Where will your family eat after you remodel/build?
__ Kitchen __ Dining Room
__ Other:________________
7.Do you require a kitchen table or would you be willing to explore other options if a design could be improved?
__ A kitchen table is required
__ Preferred but open to other options
__ Not necessary
8.What other activities will take place in your new kitchen?
__Laundry__Homework__Watching TV
__Paying Bills__Sewing__Computer Center
9.After your remodel/build will you entertain frequently? __ Yes __ No
If Yes...What is your entertainment style? __ Formal __ Informal
Do you have large or small gatherings? __ Over 10 people or __ Under 10 people
Do your guests help you in the kitchen when you entertain? __ Yes __ No
10.How do you shop?
__ For the week __ For each meal __ Buy non-perishable items in bulk __ Buy in bulk and freeze
If you buy in bulk, do you require storage in the kitchen for all or most of these items? __ Yes __ No

Cooking Style

1.Who is the primary cook?
2.Is the primary cook
__ Left handed or __ Right handed?
3.How tall is the primary cook?
4.What is the primary cook's cooking style?
__Gourmet Meals__Family Meals
__Quick & Simple Meals__Baking
__Bringing Meals Home
5.What does the primary cook prefer?
__ No one else in the kitchen while preparing meals.
__ A helper in the kitchen when preparing meals.
__ Family or friends visiting during meal preparation.
6.Does the primary cook have any physical limitations?
__ Yes __ No
7.Who is the secondary cook?
__ Left handed or __ Right handed?
8.How tall is the secondary cook? ________
9.Do the secondary and primary cook prepare meals together?
__ Yes __ No
10.What are the secondary cook's responsibilities?
__Preparing side dishes__Clean up
__Assist in preparing main course
11.Does the secondary cook have any physical

Design and Style

1.What are your color preferences for your new kitchen?
2.Are there colors you would not want in your new kitchen?
3.Have you created a scrapbook of notes, photos, and ideas that you would like to use in your new kitchen?
__ Yes __ No
4.If a design could be greatly improved, would you be willing to make structural changes?
(i.e. moving windows, doors, and walls)
__ Yes __ No
5.What do you like about your current kitchen?
6.What do you dislike about your current kitchen?
7.Do you require a recycling center in your kitchen?
__ Yes __ No
If Yes... How many items do you need to sort? ___
8.Will you be keeping your existing appliances?
Additional Ovens:How Many?__
Stove top:__Existing__New
Wine cooler:__Existing__New
Ice maker:__Existing__New
9.What is your style preference for your new kitchen?
__ Contemporary __ Formal
__ Country __ Traditional

Time and Budget

1.When would you like to begin your project?
2.When would you like your project completed?
3.If you are building, is the kitchen in your contract?
__ Yes __ No
4.Do you have a budget for this project?
__ Yes: $ ________________
__ No

General Information

3.City/ State/ Zip:
4.Home Phone:
5.Work Phone:
7.New Home Address:
8.City/ State/ Zip:
9.Builder Name (if applicable):
10.Contact Name:
13.Architect Name (if applicable):
14.Contact Name:
17.Interior Designer Name (if applicable):
18.Contact Name: